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Hewlett High School students help donate PPE


With the help of some local officials, a Hewlett resident has lent a helping hand to his community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hewlett High School sophomore Dylan Mirvis established a charity venture with his fellow 10th-graders Matthew Field and Ian Volman called MID Donations. The initials represent the student’s first names. 

Mirvis said he was inspired by a desire to assist others in his community. “When this lockdown started, I was motivated to find a way to give back to people,” he said. “About three weeks ago I thought of the plan and two of my classmates helped put it together.”

They have been donating personal protection equipment such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to places in need. Mirvis has collaborated with State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a Democrat who represents the Five Towns, to donate the items to local fire departments, including Hewlett, Lawrence-Cedarhurst, Inwood, Woodmere and Long Beach. MID has also worked with Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, who passed on the equipment to Brooklyn courthouses.

Mirvis appreciated the efforts of his local politicians during this pandemic. “We spoke a few times about how this time was unprecedented as no one knew at first how to handle this situation,” he said. “To know that I’ve been able to help my local officials and give back to a community that has already given me so much is just a great feeling.”

The items are gathered by Mirvis from the Brooklyn-based Assure Distribution, a company that manufactures PPE items. Assure Distribution Chief Operating Officer Marc Kassman is amazed by the efforts of Mirvis. “I don't know how I would have handled it back when I was their age,” Kassman said. “But the fact at their age that they realize that they have the opportunity to make a difference is tremendous.”

Kassman admires the teamwork that Mirvis and his classmates have shown. “This is a great example of the youth leading us into the future and the fact that they’re putting their efforts together as a team is better than one individual person doing it,” Kassman said. “If we would all do this as a group, we would be in a better place in society.”

The support for the charity has been great for Mirvis to witness. “I thank everyone who has been donating,” he said. “I hope everyone stays safe and we will get through this together.”

MID Donations is on Instagram: https://bit.ly/3gPcJSZ. Donations can be made to the Charity's GoFundMe page: https://bit.ly/2U1vn08.