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Letters to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (Jan. 31-Feb. 6)


Owls continue to soar

To the Editor,

Exciting — that’s just one superlative to describe the Lynbrook Owls boys’ varsity basketball team. 

Watching 6-foot-6 James Montgomery crash the offensive boards to put in a 2-pointer or to see him take a step back from the high-post position to drain a 3-pointer is impressive. Seeing guard Rylan Blondo dribble the ball up court and go between his legs for a few dribbles, then drive aggressively through the paint for a spinning, whirling dervish lay-up for 2 points is exciting. If you take your eyes off the game for a split-second, you might miss John Donaldson stealing a cross-court pass and taking it the length of the court for a tenacious lay-up with a defender on his back. It’s exhilarating.

When those three scorers are closely guarded, the team can count on Brandon Pekale to toss up his deadly left-handed 3-point shot to keep the opposing defense honest. When coach Jamie Adams has to rest the starters, all he has to do is point to the bench and substitute 6-foot-5 Sean Barrett, Tom deMendezes, Greg DeJoseph or Dylan Herlihy to keep the pressure on their opponents and to maintain a balanced offensive attack. This team has ignited a spark once again in the Lynbrook High School gymnasium. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention many fans’ favorite player, No. 3 in the program, but No. 1 in our hearts, Jon Cabral-Martin.

Take some time out of your schedule and head to the high school gymnasium for a future game. You will not be disappointed.

Don Roth, Lynbrook

A vote for my brother protects Lynbrook

To the Editor,

It’s shocking that my brother, Fran Becker, is promoting Mayor Alan Beach and his no-bid, massive Cornerstone housing project that gives the developer multiple massive tax breaks and would harm our schools and raise our taxes. Instead, he should support his brother, Deputy Mayor Hilary Becker, who has promised to do everything in his power to kill this project and any proposal that even remotely looks like this horrendous plan.

That’s why I am going to do everything I can to help get Hilary elected so that he can kill this no-bid deal. We will continue to stand up to the party bosses and greedy developers that are invading Long Island on a daily basis. We will continue to fight for our hard-working Lynbrook residents just like my dad, late former Supreme Court Judge and Mayor Francis X. Becker Sr., did and would want us to do.

Despite what they say, the mammoth, no-bid Cornerstone housing project is not dead and is not going away. So much will depend on this election, and whether Lynbrook will be able to keep its small-town feel and revitalize in a way that helps our residents and not the greedy developers and their political cronies. A vote for my brother Hilary will ensure that does not happen. A vote for Beach will guarantee that we will see more massive housing projects that line the pockets of rich developers and are paid for by tax increases on Lynbrook homeowners.

Greg Becker, Lynbrook