V.I. Properties in Hewlett celebrates 20 years


Who better to facilitate the purchase of sale of a home in the Five Towns than someone who lives in the community. Since its inception 20 years ago, V.I. Properties has given homeowners and buyers the tools and advice necessary to make the right decisions when making these big decisions.

Natalya Mikinberg, the owner of and a broker at V.I. Properties, received her broker’s license in 1998 after working as an agent for Smolinsky Properties, her first job in the real estate industry, for five years. VI Properties was established on Feb. 9, 1999, and to celebrate 20 years, the realty company is having a celebration on Feb. 28.

Mikinberg moved her operation out of her basement in Gibson in 2001, in favor of an office in Woodmere. In 2004, they moved again, this time to their current office at 1208 Broadway in Hewlett.

“We’ve experienced many ups and downs during the years, but that hasn’t stopped us from excelling,” Mikinberg said. “I also realize the importance of being active in my community. I strive to continue working with local businesses, schools and religious organizations.”

Real estate agent Moria Sokol has worked at the company for roughly seven years, “There’s lots of ups and downs in this business,” she said. “You can work on six deals and five can die. Lots of people leave the business in their first year, [Minkinberg] never lets you get to the point where you give up.”

Sokol, a North Woodmere resident, and believes that she is better able to answer questions that potential buyers may ask because of her knowledge of the area. “There’s something comforting about it,” she said. “People prefer to have someone local, who understands the area and knows everything that someone’s looking for.”

Inga Fruman, bought her first house in North Woodmere from V.I. Properties 19 years ago, after moving from Brooklyn. Then nearly two and a half years ago she sold that home, through VI Properties, and bought a new one in Woodsburgh. “They made my whole experience as stress-free as you can get with a major transition,” she said. “I always will, and do recommend them to everyone over and over again.”

She and her husband Steven, were yet to be married when they first contacted VI Properties. “A lot of agencies didn’t take us seriously,” she recalled. “V.I. Properties did and from then on I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

On Feb. 24, Mikinberg and her husband, Vitaliy, will be honored at the Chabad of the Greater Five Towns annual dinner. The Chabad will recognize the Minkinbergs for their contributions to the community.

“I am truly grateful and honored to be serving this wonderful community for 20 years,” Mikinberg said. “I look forward to continuing providing my services and seeing smiles on our customer’ and clients’ excited faces.”