New Elmont education board trustees aim to increase transparency

Newly elected Elmont school district education board trustees Lynette Battle and Dwayne Palmer took their seats after being sworn in during the board’s reorganization meeting July 1.

Elmont Memorial High School Class of 2024 graduates

Graduating seniors in the Elmont Memorial High School Class of 2024 grabbed their diplomas and stepped a foot into the future on June 30 at Hofstra University.

Youth-driven nonprofit Neura Hope spreads ‘Hope For All’

Neura Hope, a youth-driven nonprofit, is looking to spread awareness about neural tube defects in communities across the globe.

Sewanhaka High Class of 2024 celebrates milestone accomplishment

Sewanhaka High School’s Class of 2024 celebrated its graduation at Hofstra University on June 30.

Caps off for Carey High School Class of 2024

H. Frank Carey High School’s graduating Class of 2024 celebrated their final steps together at Hofstra University on June 29 as they accepted their high school diplomas.


In a medical emergency, we were in experts’ hands

We should be grateful to the medical profession, and diligent and attentive to our individual health.


If you like horror stories, read Project 2025

Project 2025 is a 922-page manifesto created by the Heritage Foundation. It has been described as a road map for any new Trump administration. It outlines, agency by agency, the federal programs and projects that should be eliminated, and what the policies of a second Trump administration would be.


The key to safe swimming? Paying attention.

Swimming pools are supposed to be places of joy, not tragedy. They offer respite from the summer heat, host family gatherings and are a place for those of all ages to play and exercise — but they also present significant potential dangers, especially for younger children and inexperienced swimmers.


Only our police officers should be doing police work

Although I have been involved with many aspects of the criminal justice system during my legal career as a Queens County assistant district attorney and as a private practitioner, the academy was an eye-opening and enlightening experience that I believe would give any Nassau resident vital insights into the daily activities of our law enforcement professionals.