New Elmont education board trustees aim to increase transparency

Newly elected Elmont school district education board trustees Lynette Battle and Dwayne Palmer took their seats after being sworn in during the board’s reorganization meeting July 1.

Elmont Memorial High School Class of 2024 graduates

Graduating seniors in the Elmont Memorial High School Class of 2024 grabbed their diplomas and stepped a foot into the future on June 30 at Hofstra University.

Youth-driven nonprofit Neura Hope spreads ‘Hope For All’

Neura Hope, a youth-driven nonprofit, is looking to spread awareness about neural tube defects in communities across the globe.

Sewanhaka High Class of 2024 celebrates milestone accomplishment

Sewanhaka High School’s Class of 2024 celebrated its graduation at Hofstra University on June 30.

Caps off for Carey High School Class of 2024

H. Frank Carey High School’s graduating Class of 2024 celebrated their final steps together at Hofstra University on June 29 as they accepted their high school diplomas.


Like President Reagan said, trust but verify

In the course of one week — well before last week’s debate with Donald Trump — Biden had to face multiple false claims about his sanity, made by a political underground that thrives on destroying reputations to help Trump.


Cars, vintage and new, test the young and old

No one, young or old, should get behind the wheel of an automobile unless they know how to start, stop, turn on the lights, and put it in park. Also, if the car is older than 10, mind the handbrake. And never, ever get your emergency driving tips from Instagram.


Summer brings a greater risk of fires

Summer weather brings an increased risk of fires. Whether it’s a backyard grill or a campfire, fire hazards are more prevalent at this time of year, which is why it’s critical to be aware of fire safety practices.


Our future should include transit-oriented development

How regressive, then, that many of today’s Nassau County elected leaders are failing to consider how their decisions will affect even the next couple of generations.