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Atkinson teachers cheer on Freeport students


Atkinson Car Parade 2

Atkinson Car Parade 2
Atkinson Car Parade 1

Caroline G. Atkinson School students received a surprise on March 26 when several teachers drove around Freeport in a caravan to wave to their students and cheer them on through the pandemic.

Some of the teachers who participated in the car parade were Susan McDonald, Gabriela Farruggio, Kerri Albarano  and Jennifer Ann.  The teachers honked their horns and put up signs on their cars to encourage their students, and some students even prepared signs to thank the teachers for their efforts. 

Jennifer Melendez said her son,  Xavier Arroyo, was glad to see his fifth-grade teacher, Albarano, in the parade. She said the event brought some much needed levity to the situation and proved just how much the teachers cared about their students. 

"I really was crying a bit because it shows that we are in this together," Melendez said. 

Freeport Public Schools teachers from other schools are also considering holding car parades for their own students in the coming weeks.