Hochul banks on finding jobs across New York state


There are more than 15,000 jobs — a record amount — posted on the state labor department’s seasonal job bank in a variety of industries from amusement parks to farms and restaurants and summer camps across every region.

The free state resource allows businesses to list employment opportunities, and job seekers can look at part-time and seasonal jobs by location, company, job title and by searching through keywords.

Guides for young people looking for work are available online to help them navigate what they need before filling out job applications.

Divided by age groups — between 14 and 17, as well as 18 and 24 — the guides include information on obtaining working papers, the proper identification required, and even resume preparation.

“With such an active job market, there is a wide variety of options to explore across the state,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said, in a release. “I encourage all job seekers to use the many resources the New York State Department of Labor offers to guide them to a job they love.”

Part-time work is a vital component to help the state’s economy recover from the Covid pandemic, according to labor department commissioner Robert Reardon. It provides a boost to job seekers, such as helping them return to a previous career that might not have full-time positions available. It also allows those same job seekers to try a new career or a different position, or even learn new skills while working.

Such work also offers flexible schedules to accommodate child or elder care needs, and provides support and job networking opportunities.
“In this tight job market, we’re looking to make it as easy as possible for businesses with full-time, part-time or seasonal openings to connect with New Yorkers looking for work,” Reardon said, in the release.

For the job bank, go to SeasonalWorks.labor.ny.gov.
For the guides, go to https://dol.ny.gov/youth-ages-14-17 or https://dol.ny.gov/youth-ages-18-24.