Five dead, one critical, NYPD police attacked in Far Rockaway

Five people were stabbed to death, another person is critical and two NYPD police officers were slashed before the alleged attacked was shot by police and died in an incident at a multi-family home on Beach 22nd St. in Far Rockaway on Dec. 3.

Assemblyman Ari Brown goes above and beyond, donating a kidney to help one in need

Assemblyman Ari Brown has openly expressed regret in the past for not serving his country. Despite his job in Albany and his work as deputy mayor of the Village of Cedarhurst, Brown has acknowledged that that service doesn’t compare to the sacrifices made by military veterans who risk their lives for the country.

Rock and Wrap It Up! continues its tradition of providing food for those in need at its 34th Thanksgiving feast

Cedarhurst-based Rock and Wrap It Up!, an anti-poverty think tank, hosted its 34th year on Thanksgiving Day, providing a feast for at-risk communities and senior veterans in the Five Towns communities and the Rockaways.

Sara Matathias says the Israel Rally left her being 'more proud of being a Jew'

I don’t know if there has even been a day in my life that I have been more proud of being a Jew than today. My attendance at the March for Israel Rally in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 14 was an experience that will remain indelibly etched in my memory forever.

Adele Goldberg and children show commitment to Israel

A summer trip as a teenager began a lifelong connection to Israel and her people. I had the opportunity to strengthen my Hebrew language skills, shape my Jewish identity, and forge strong connections with family that have grown and deepened over the years.


Staying safe: The county’s 13-second challenge

How long is 13 seconds? If you ask Google, it’s long enough to run 100 meters. Send a text message. Make a paper airplane. In Nassau County, however, it’s also the amount of time — on average — between car crashes.


Banning books is not what America is about

Perhaps we Americans are overly confident in the belief that our constitutional rights, including the First Amendment right to free speech, are inviolate.


A rabbi’s musings on where antisemitism comes from

What does it mean to be antisemitic? Can Jews do better in fighting against it? This is a complex issue, and a difficult one. It requires looking outside and inside our community.

Jerry Kremer

The boys and girls are back from recess

The older you get, the more you think about the times when things were simple and pleasurable. That especially applies to my years in school, when my only cares were . . .


How to learn not to take life for granted

Realizing that I’ve been taking something for granted is never an abstraction. It generally happens by whack and wallop.