American Legion Post hosts Veterans Day parade


Students from the Elmont school district’s six elementary schools, local elected officials, the Girl and Boy Scouts, and others joined members of the Elmont American Legion Post 1033 in the Veterans Day Parade to express thanks to those who served their country.

Neighbors gathered at the American Legion post on Hill Avenue in Elmont as the march began at 10:45 a.m. Saturday. Participants marched from Post 1033 to Hempstead Avenue toward Veterans Square located at Covert Avenue and Hempstead Turnpike where a Veterans Day ceremony started at 11 a.m.

“Let us strive to see that the same spirit of self-sacrifice is cultivated in peace, as has been exhibited in war,” said Sharon Earley Davis, treasurer of the Elmont Post 1033. “It behooves us to rear new standards of success to inspire youth in peace as youth has inspired in war.”

Debbie Tirman, president of the Elmont Post 1033 auxiliary, said that peoples’ hearts beat in tune with those of other nations who continue to fight for their freedom and the dignity and opportunity of man.

John Giuffrè, county legislator, shared that the VIPs, of the day are those who have worn the uniform to represent the United States on the battlefield.

“We are the land of the free because of the brave,” Giuffrè said.

Carrié Solages, county legislator, also expressed his thanks to veterans during the celebration. He thanked veterans and their families for their sacrifices.

“When you see a veteran in the store, whether it be CVS or Walgreens, please tell them ‘Thank you,’ because they believed in our country and they’ve sacrificed the most,” Solages said.

Several members of the Elmont Post 1033 spoke during the ceremony to highlight the importance of the sacrifice that soldiers make.

“Out of blood and sweat, we learned of purpose, sacrifice, tolerance, bravery and discipline,” said Manuel Rodriguez, army chief warrant officer 2, during the ceremony. “These are solid foundation stones upon which a great nation is build. In our continued quest for an honorable world peace, we must cultivate these virtues.”

The virtues of discipline must be honored in peace, Bill Depietro, a trustee of the Elmont Post 1033, said during the ceremony.

“This is the lesson we must learn at home, in school, on the playing field, in organizations, in the community, the party and the nation,” Depietro said. “It is the lesson of voluntary obedience to the decisions of the majority. We must not be unmindful either to the conclusions of other people with whom we have joined in the quest for an honorable world peace. This is the higher order of discipline.”

The ceremony was ended with an honorary rifle volley and the playing of taps before the precession marched back to Elmont Post 1033.

“Once again, I can’t thank this community enough — our school board, our school children who are always here for us,” said Ralph Esposito, director of the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency and organizer of the parade. “We have one of the largest parades in Nassau County, and I’m really proud of us.”