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Herald Endorsement

Atlantic Beach, Hewlett Harbor incumbents are the choice


There are 11 candidates running for six seats in Atlantic Beach and Hewlett Harbor. Voting is on Tuesday, Sept. 15. In the contested trustee elections, the two candidates with the most votes win. 

Atlantic Beach

Incumbent Mayor George Pappas is running for his third two-year term as the Village of Atlantic Beach mayor. Stephen R. Mahler, the mayor from 1996 to 2014, is challenging him. 

Mahler helped shape and improve the village in many ways during his time, including working to ensure Atlantic Beach attained its own zoning power.

In Pappas’s six years in office, he has emphasized infrastructure projects, doubling the budget for them from $250,000 to $500,000 a year. He and the board of trustees have also maintained the village’s strong financial standing.

We respect all that Mahler has done for the village, but Pappas deserves another term in office. 

Incumbent Trustees Linda Baessler and Edward Sullivan are facing a challenge by Danielle Struss. A 12-year Atlantic Beach resident, Struss has an impressive background in finance, with 25 years in management consulting at a hedge fund. Struss would be a valuable board member, but Sullivan and Baessler each deserve another term. 

The incumbents have shown they understand decision-making on a village board. They have also helped bring community-minded activities to the village such as the Fall Festival, the beach campout, concerts and movies. We encourage Struss to stay involved with village politics

Hewlett Harbor

Incumbent Mayor Mark Weiss is facing a challenge by Ron Austin. Kim Volman and David Mosayov are challenging incumbent trustees Tom Cohen and Kenneth Kornblau.

The incumbents have shown they can accomplish a great deal for the village, in particular initiating safety protocols such the use of the Ring Doorbell Security Network and installing license plate readers.

Weiss and the board work collaboratively to maintain the village and take the time needed to resolve critical issues.

It was disappointing that the challengers did not follow up with the Herald for an interview to hear their thoughts and ideas if they were to be elected. That, though, makes our endorsement of Weiss, Cohen and Kornblau an easy call.

Unopposed elections

There are uncontested elections in Cedarhurst, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Neck and Woodsburgh. Residents should still exercise their right to vote and cast ballots in either support of the village candidates or support of the electoral process.