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LWA Antics

Creating ‘IDEAS’ to stimulate student thinking


Every day, across the world, students wake up and go to school to learn. Whether it is finding the value of x in a math equation or understanding the proper way to craft an essay that follows the form of classical oration, students are learning.

However, students often wonder about how the curriculum they are taught relates to them in the real world. As this curiosity became more apparent, Lawrence Woodmere Academy took action by creating the IDEAS (Interdisciplinary Excursions in the Arts and Sciences) program of special field trips that aligns with the curriculum. Students have been able to take their knowledge outside the classroom and apply it to everyday life experiences. Students are now able to understand how school benefits them in the real world. LWA has made a strong effort to connect its students and broaden their culture through the ability to explore the real world outside of their classrooms. 

LWA’s first IDEAS adventure into the world outside of school was an exquisite performance called “Momix” at the LIU Post Tilles Center. The performance gave the students a chance to recognize the beauty within the art of dance itself. The performance was composed of many rapid and illuminating dances.

After seeing the life-changing production of “Momix,” Art Department students visited the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington. Students analyzed the works of artist August Heckscher, who helped found the museum in 1920 by donating more than 100 works, including Old Master paintings.

However, it was LWA’s latest trip that had students the most elevated going to the Gravity Vault in Melville for rock climbing. Students were able to attack the obstacles in front of them. Many of the students said they were able to pounce upon each step with careful consideration. Some even said that a sense of geometry and other mathematical tools went into the way they approached the wall they climbed. Students found this trip the best because of the way they were able to connect with each other overall as it brought them closer as friends. Plus, who doesn’t love rock climbing!

There has been only extremely positive feedback from the students On the IDEAS program geared to their interests. Junior Blake Pomerantz said, “the multiple trips LWA has offered to their students this year has been exceptional. The idea of students connecting their studies with excitement has proven to be extremely beneficial. We, as students, find it more comforting and interesting to use our knowledge outside of the classroom environment. It also gives us a chance to catch a breath and relax. I look forward to what our school has planned for the future.”

Luckily, for Lawrence Woodmere Academy students, the future for field trips is bright. Students have much to look forward to as upcoming trips include a live presentation of “Macbeth,” also at the Tilles Center, possibly a life-changing experience exploring Ellis Island, and an insight into Mexican culture and traditions through the enchanting performance of Ballet Folclórico at the Tilles Center.