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Dan Plaut named a Cedarhurst trustee


After the resignation of longtime trustee Ronald Lanzilotta in the summer, the Village of Cedarhurst has named his replacement in Dan Plaut, who took the oath of office on Dec. 18. 

Plaut, 52, has lived in Cedarhurst for 23 years and has served on the village’s Architectural Review Board since 2015. He noted that public service runs in his family as his wife, Tova, has served as a trustee on the Lawrence School District’s Board of Education for the past six years. 

Plaut said that his civic mindedness began to take hold when he was growing up in Brooklyn. “Ever since I was a young teenager volunteering for then Congressman Chuck Schumer, I was brought up by my family to be civic minded,” he said. “My wife and I have brought up our three children to be the same way.” Plaut added that he also volunteered under former New York City Mayor Ed Koch

Village Mayor Benjamin Weinstock appointed Plaut and credited his business background with working wholesale distribution business for the past 30 years as a benefit to the board. “I’ve known for Dan for many years and I believe that his business background will serve the board well,” Weinstock said. “I look forward to working with him.”

Lanzilotta, 85, announced his resignation from the board in June after having served the village for roughly 33 years. The lifelong Cedarhurst resident first served as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for 14 years before being appointed as a trustee in 2001. He was the deputy mayor at the time of his resignation, which prompted the appointment of Trustee Ari Brown to deputy mayor. The board also includes Trustees Israel Wasser and Myrna Zisman.

Weinstock described Lanzilotta as having a “wealth of knowledge” about the village. “Ronnie knows this village like its the back of his hand,” he said. “Being a lifelong resident, he knows the history of every street in the village. He always brought a huge depth of knowledge to the board.” 

Plaut worked under Lanzilotta on the Architectural Review Board and believes he has learned from the experience. “I was super fortunate as a village resident to have benefitted from Ronnie being a trustee,” he said. “I was also fortunate to work under Ronnie and see how he treated our village business shareholders.”

Since Plaut is finishing Lanzilotta’s unexpired term, he will be up for re-election on March 18. He aims to stress public safety. “Serving as the co-chair of security at Congregation Beth Shalom in Lawrence is something that I put great effort in,” he said. “Focusing on the safety and security of our village is something I’m emphasizing.” 

Plaut said he’s grateful for the opportunity to serve the village he lives in. “I’m looking forward to serving our village residents,” he said. “I also look forward to working under the guidance of Mayor Weinstock and the board.”