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Five Towns Kiwanis helps feed Oceanside seniors


Atlantic Beach resident Barry Ringelheim, a member of the Kiwanis of the Five Towns, spurred the club to provide grocery items to seniors in Oceanside. With the help of Hewlett Harbor resident Bill Ander, the most recent person to join the club, used professional connections to obtain the items.

Woodmere resident Ann DeMichael, also a Kiwanis member and co-director of the Town of Hempstead Oceanside Senior Centerleader of the Town of Hempstead Senior Center, helped to organize and distribute the grocery bags. More than 30 were given out on June 17. Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, a strong supporter of Kiwanis’s volunteer efforts, also assisted in the distribution.

“Proud to be president of this club,” Anthony Campanile stated in an email. “With devoted members such as yourselves, we have become the shining star in the division.”