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Handing out coronavirus on the street


Whether you are professional sanitation worker from Sanitary District 1 who is paid to pick up the trash in the Five Towns, a business owner trying to keep the space outside clean or a child who might think picking up a glove is fun, leaving this five-fingered debris around is not good for anyone during the coronavirus outbreak.

As the worldwide pandemic has forced entire countries to shut down and this nation’s largest city to be in a virtual lockdown, it appeared a portion of people were not taken the severity of the health crisis seriously in at least eight different locations in Cedarhurst.

Disease and illness spreads when there is poor sanitation. Medical experts have repeatedly said that coronavirus persists on surfaces from a few hours up to several days. So, an editorial plea. If you find the photos bothersome or disgusting, please do not throw gloves or anything that might have come in contact with the virus away unless properly packaged.