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Hewlett Fire Department adds to emergency response policies


Because of the coronavirus outbreak the Hewlett Fire Department has revised some its emergency procedures concerning medical services and responding to emergencies.

When calling for emergency medical services, the dispatcher will be asking additional questions to accurately understand how best to respond to that call. No emergency medical technician can administer any COVID-19 testing.

Hewlett fire officials said that first responders might be wearing additional protective equipment as a precaution. They ask that people at an emergency scene not approach a first responder unless absolutely necessary. This is to protect everyone.

Should a person in a residence has tested positive for the virus and there is a fire emergency, safely leave the home and walk away from the residence. Please tell the dispatcher or emergency call taker about the presence of a positive COVID-19 person.

“The health and safety of our community and our first responders has always been paramount,” Hewlett Fire Chief Jamie Lewin stated in a prepared release. “As we navigate the days and weeks ahead, we thank the community and the surrounding residents for your unwavering support of the Hewlett Fire Department.”

Calling 911 or the department’s direct emergency number (516) 374-1600, should be done only in a “true emergency.”