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Hewlett twins create Five Towns Lifeguards


They are twin brothers, certified lifeguards and after having a job interview at the Sands Beach Club in Atlantic Beach canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hewlett residents Caleb and Josh Goldstein are applying their skills to help parents keep their kids entertained for the summer.

The brothers, both 17, established what they are calling Five Towns Lifeguards and are charging for their services, whether it is for a backyard camp, a party or watching families and children for a few hours. Safety and fun are their priorities. 

County swimming pools have received the green light to reopen on July 3, however with the coronavirus pandemic remaining a health threat, many parents are still concerned. Nassau County Executive Laura Curran Beginning Friday, July 3, four of the six county pools Cantiague Park, North Woodmere Park, Wantagh Park, and Christopher Morley Park will be available for Nassau County residents only. It is to be determined whether the state will open two beach pools at Nickerson Beach.

In addition, because of the pandemic, many summer camps have closed, despite being allowed to open on June 29 as per Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The brothers worked at Camp Avnet in Hewlett last summer. As of now that camp is closed. “We were not sure when our camp would be able to reopen,” Caleb said.

Five Towns Lifeguards gained traction through close friends and family. When the Goldsteins heard that friends of their younger brother, Ezra, were organizing to hang out at the swimming pools of family and friends as an alternative to summer camp, they jumped on the opportunity to work as lifeguards for these get-togethers. The Goldsteins are both certified by The American Red Cross in lifeguarding, first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator.

Josh said the response to the business has been positive. Advertising on Facebook and sharing information with community members has helped grow their idea into a reality. As the brothers grew their business in Hewlett, they hired another Hewlett resident, Matthew Redko, to help out for larger parties and events.

“Both of them are extremely responsible and not only do they always make sure the kids are safe, but they also make sure they have a fun time, they’re great lifeguards who I really enjoy working with,” Redko said.

Though the business is burgeoning, the brothers understand that it is most likely a temporary adjustment because of the pandemic. “We could keep doing it if we wanted to, but the demand would be lower since it may be different, kids could be back in camp,” Josh said.

The Goldsteins charge by the hour and are available to be booked by email or phone number. For more information on Five Towns Lifeguard, go to https://www.fivetownslifeguards.com or call (516)-817-3090.