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In Hewlett Harbor, it’s Bruh and Oppenheimer


For the second straight year, there will be contested races in the Village of Hewlett Harbor. Incumbent Trustees Leonard Oppenheimer and Gil Bruh are being challenged by Afrim Pulatani and Domenico Calandrella on June 15. All trustee terms are two years.

Oppenheimer is seeking his seventh term on the board and has been a village resident since 1995. He believes in giving “value” to village residents by helping keep the village pristine and safe. He is passionate about creating that value, and he deserves another term on the board.

Bruh joined the board in February, replacing former trustee Jonathan Polakoff, who stepped down. Bruh has been on the board for just four months, but he had been the village’s treasurer for a year and a half. When he moved to the village three years ago, he got involved immediately by attending board meetings, and with his background in financial technology, he played a part in installing license plate readers and security cameras in the village. 

Bruh lives in the village with his wife and son, who is nearly 4. He said he wants to “plant his roots” and be in Hewlett Harbor for the foreseeable future. He is more than deserving of his first full term on the board.

It is disappointing that Pulatani and Calandrella did not return a request for interviews from the Herald. That is unfortunate. Candidates should take the responsibility to speak about their candidacies, their reasons for running and their ideas on the issues.

We urge Hewlett Harbor voters to cast their ballots for Bruh and Oppenheimer next Tuesday.