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Lice Troopers in Lawrence offer a pleasant experience after an annoying infestation


With the school year underway, there is the looming concern of children becoming infested with head lice. There is now a place in the Five Towns that offers an all-natural treatment for it. 

Lice Troopers opened in June at 359 Central Ave in Lawrence. Lice Troopers Chief Executive Officer and President Arie Harel said that Five Towns residents have used the business’s services this summer after becoming infested with head lice during a vacation. “I’ve had customers who’ve returned from a place such as Israel with head lice,” he said. “Unfortunately, lice is more prominent abroad then it is here in the United States.” 

A head louse is a parasitic insect that can be found on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Head lice feed on human blood several times a day and live close to the human scalp. They are not known to spread disease.

Harel, an accountant, is a Brooklyn native and resident of Miami Beach, Fla. He stepped away from accounting in 2015 after he said Lice Troopers “grown in size.” “My mother thought I was crazy when I decided to leave accounting,” he said jokingly. “I decided that I needed to devote all my attention to Lice Troopers.”

The company is based in Miami Beach and has nine locations across the Sunshine state. Including Lawrence, there are four locations in New York with two in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. The inspiration for Lice Troopers came from Harel’s mother, Dayla, who started Lice Busters in Brooklyn in the 1980s. 

Harel said that Lice Troopers uses an all-natural treatment for their customers by combing through the patient’s hair until all the lice bugs have been removed. The process is roughly two hours long and children are able to return to school after an hour. He said that over-the-counter treatment options for head lice are ineffective. “There are no chemicals involved in our treatment process,” Harel said. “Chemicals have been shown to not be effective in treating super lice.” Super lice are head lice that become resistant to active ingredients in lice treatment products.

Reshma Hirall, a Queens resident, is the clinic manager at the Lawrence location and highlighted what she hopes customers’ gain out of seeking treatment from Lice Troopers. “We try to make the treatment process as comfortable as we possibly can for our clients,” Hirall said. “We keep everything confidential and we try our best to educate our clients on what to do to keep lice away from them and their families.” 

Woodmere resident Daniela Cwibeker received treatment from Lice Troopers in July. She recalled her positive treatment experience. “I’ve always heard that lice is a terrible thing to deal with, but Lice Troopers made it such a pleasant experience for me,” Cwibeker said. “They also provided me with information on how to keep lice away after treating it.” She noted her treatment took roughly 30 minutes and she returned a week later for a follow-up. “They have it set up like a hair salon in there,” she added. “They make it seem like you’re not even being treated for lice.” 

Clients can buy a monthly membership that includes: free visual screenings, lice treatments, phone consultations, lice removal guide and preferred appointment slots for $7.95 per month.

Lice Troopers’ memberships can be purchased online at, https://bit.ly/2AXorp5.