Nassau Expressway reopens after fuel spill


After more than 14 hours after an oil tanker overturned on the Nassau Expressway at Burnside Avenue in Inwood at roughly 4 a.m, on July 7, and resulted in shutting down the roadway in both directions, the roadway was reopened, according to Nassau County police. The original call came in at 4:08 a.m., police said.

Inwood, Lawrence-Cedarhurst and Long Beach fire departments were among the emergency units that responded to what Long Beach Fire Department officials posted on Facebook as  an 11,000-gallon fuel tanker that was on its side.  

"Responding units laid a protective foam blanket, while the hazardous materials team drilled and tapped the 11,000 gallon fuel tanker in order to offload the fuel," Long Beach  fire officials stated.   

Inwood Fire Department officials posted on Facebook earlier: "Companies from throughout the county have cycled through the scene.  Private tow companies are currently rigging the truck for uprighting.  Serious delay in the area."

The Nassau County Fire Marshal‘s Office was in command of the scene.

The driver was removed with no injuries and the roadway known as State Route 878 was shutdown between Bay Boulevard in Lawrence and Mott Avenue in Inwood in both directions.  

"Due to the overturned oil tanker on Burnside and 878 our crews  may not be able to finish their entire routes," Sanitry District 1 Superintendent George Pappas posted in Facebook. "If you were expecting pickup and today and you weren’t picked up we will be there tomorrow morning. Thank you for understanding."

Sanitry District 1 collects the trash and recyclables in the Five Towns and surrounding South Shore communities.