Petitioning for a greenway path into Nassau County

North Woodmere resident working to complete a 15-year city DOT project


Daniel Solow, a North Woodmere resident, is working with a group of bicycling enthusiasts to connect isolated greenway paths in areas of Brooklyn and Queens with southern Nassau County.
His petition has generated interest, gathering almost 200 signatures since he published it online one month ago on his website Southern Queens Greenway.
According to the plans, when completed, Southern Queens Greenway would create easier traveling access for families in south and east Queens to walk, run and bike to city parks and the Gateway National Recreation Area in parks located in Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County. This would eventually allow for biking paths to be created in order to connect to areas east of Queens into Nassau County, passing through communities in the Five Towns, and points east to Jones Beach and Bethpage State Park.
It was during his commute on his bike back and forth from working as a reading coach in Rockaway, Queens when he decided to get active and pursue community action groups and leaders, Solow said.
“As of the year 2000, there was a plan already in effect,” he said. “I’m not sure what happened. It couldn’t have been that difficult to get the funding to complete the project. I just think there wasn’t enough interest. It’s been 15 years. I’d like to see something done. Unfortunately on Nassau County’s South Shore, it is limited in trails because they don’t connect. If the greenway project was finished, I could go from Woodmere or Valley Stream to Wantagh, for example, and even someone uncomfortable riding a bike could use this path.”
The city’s Department of Transportation is still reviewing the request and said they look forward to discussing this idea further with the community boards involved and other stakeholders. The DOT would be responsible for going forward with any plans for such a project, whether it involves financing it or developing plans to construct it.

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