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Troubles on Arlington Road in Cedarhurst

Resident voices concerns over traffic and other issues


Traffic volume, vehicle collisions and possible illegal drinking and drug usage are the issues that Arlington Road resident Avi Hamias brought up at the March 4 Village of Cedarhurst board of trustees meeting.

Arlington Road is off Peninsula Boulevard and leads into Lawrence High School. Hamias said that people who drop off and pick up their children from the school create a significant amount traffic congestion. “People are constantly parking and stopping in front of my house to the point where I can’t even pull into my own driveway,” Hamias, a 29-year resident of Cedarhurst said. “My car’s been scratched and my neighbor who’s been living on Arlington for almost 45 years couldn’t be here tonight, but her car was also recently hit.”

Hamias also said that there’s a generator near his home on school property that generates a fair amount of noise. Cedarhurst Mayor Benjamin Weinstock noted that he spoke with the school district’s Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Jeremy Feder a day after the meeting on Hamias’s issues. Feder said the generator is for the people who man the school’s security people booth.

Feder said that Hamias called in February to register his complaints. “In my time with the Lawrence School District, he’s the only resident to complain about this issue to me,” said Feder, who has been with the school district since 2014. “He also complained to me that there were kids smoking marijuana near his residence,” Feder said. “I understand his frustrations, but that is not a school district issue, he should call the police if that is happening.”

After Hamias noted that there is a turning lane on Oxford but not on Arlington, which he thinks would improve the traffic flow. Weinstock said that he has made efforts at getting a turning lane going eastbound installed on Arlington. “If it was up to me, there would be a turning on Arlington, but unfortunately that is up to Nassau County to install it.”

The traffic doesn’t stop on Arlington on the weekends according to Hamias. “There have been events that have been held on the weekends at the high school that also cause traffic,” he said. Weinstock noted that these extracurricular events are held only a few times a year and are nothing out of the ordinary.

Hamias also attended the village’s February board meeting and voiced the same concerns as he did in the most recent meeting. “I feel as if my comments from last meeting weren’t even heard,” he said. “Nothing has changed with the traffic on my block, but I’m still willing to give the board another chance at fixing this.”

Weinstock disagreed with Hamias’s perspective. “When a resident comes to our meetings with an issue, we take it very seriously and always try our best to follow up on it,” Weinstock said.

Village of Cedarhurst board meetings take place on the first Monday of every month and the next meeting is scheduled for Monday April 1.