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See this NFL safety come back home to inspire Valley Stream’s future football stars

Dozens of Valley Stream youth coached and motivated by Jaguars’ Andre Cisco.


Valley Stream native and Jacksonville Jaguars safety Andre Cisco returned to his hometown to host a football camp and talk to Valley Stream youth football players about the virtues of hard work and perseverance, and the life lessons learned through sports.

The young players heard Cisco’s words of wisdom on June 14 were put through the rigors of the camp on June 15. Cisco had his own team to help with the players aged six to 15. Joining him on the field was with a member of the Jaguars, seven former Valley Stream players who play Division I football and ten who currently play at the Division II level.

Valley Stream Central High School head football coach Tom Schiavo was originally going to run a camp with Valley Stream’s football program. Schiavo then contacted the athletic director, and the camp was set into motion.

Schiavo said Cisco’s success on and off the field makes him such a prime role model for his players and someone they benefited hearing from.

“He’s walked the walk,” Schiavo said. “He’s taken what they do to the highest level, and he can give them great advice on how to get there if they choose to do so. He’s also battled through a lot of difficulty in his life, and he knows what works. And he’s a good person with an excellent reputation and good morals and values.”

Schiavo added that Cisco’s similar upbringing to many of the campers was a bonus.

“He’s from here,” Schiavo said. “He’s walked the streets. He’s gone to the same church. He probably had some of the same teachers, friends, and family members. So, the struggle is familiar.”

During his talk with the players, Cisco touched on his Valley Stream upbringing. He played for the Green Hornets growing up before attending St. Anthony’s High School for ninth and tenth grade. During the summers, his mother, who worked full-time, decided to send him to a football camp to get him out of the house. That camp led to him attending IMG Academy for his junior and senior years and committing to Syracuse University to play football.

After playing for the Orangemen, Cisco was drafted by the Jaguars and he said that his ability to climb through the ranks was due to hard work and a growth mindset, which he emphasized to the players.

“I just want to emphasize growing as a man, growing as a player, just continue to grow as a person,” Cisco said. “...Your biggest challenge isn’t choosing between good and bad, it’s choosing between good and what’s best for you.”

Cisco added that football taught him lessons that apply to all aspects of his life.

“I think what I love most about football is just adapting to different people, the competitive environment, having to be assertive,” Cisco said. “...On the mindset side, it’s hard work and dedication. Those early mornings, that discipline is second to none. What else is an 18-year-old getting up for at 5 a.m. consistently?”

Rising senior Anderson Estrada said he was inspired by Cisco’s words of wisdom.

“It’s great,” Estrada said. “It helps to hear from someone who also comes from a similar background. It helps give me encouragement about playing.”

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