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Glen Cove road repairs will go forward in April


Of the 16 roads designated to be repaired in 2019, along with drainage repairs, only four were left undone. And those four are set to be repaired by May. 

According to Louis Saulino, the director of Public Works, the road improvement project will move forward in April and should be complete by the end of May. Construction will be completed by the LiRo Group. 

Roads repaired in 2019 that still need touch-ups have already begun receiving repairs. Street, Harwood Drive East and West, Southland Drive and Tulane Road will receive repairs, ranging from pavement, curb replacement and storm drain line repair.

Scott Kaffl, a Glen Cove resident, lives on Harwood Drive East and West with his family. He said that he was happy to hear that his road would be fixed. “We just took a walk today and noticed that the road is in need of repair,” said Kaffl. “It’s great to see that Glen Cove is invested.”

Twenty more roads will be designated for repairs for 2020. “The city has currently authorized our roadway consultant to prepare contract plans for our 2020 capital program,” said Saulino. “It is expected that this contract will go to competitive bidding in June 2020 with construction commencing in late July.”

Councilman Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews said that street repairs are part of the resident’s quality of life. “I would say it’s brought up often by residents, and understandably so,” he said. “It is difficult because we have a lot of streets that need to be repaired.” 

Maureen Basdavanos, Glen Cove’s deputy mayor, noted that because of the pandemic, the Department of Public Work’s employees will work three days a week, taking off  Thursdays and Fridays. “The majority of work that is going to be done is work that is absolutely necessary,” she said.  

And though Saulino said that DPW does not foresee any delays to due COVID-19, he added that it remains a possibility. 

Garbage and recycling pickup

As of March 23, there will only be one day of garbage and recycling pickup for residents. If normal trash pickup is Monday and Thursday, trash and recycling will be only on Monday only. For those with pickup on Tuesday and Friday, trash and recycling will now be only on Tuesday. There will be no trash or recycling pickup on Thursdays or Fridays. Yard waste will continue to be picked up on Wednesday. Additionally, there will be no mattresses, no metal and no TV pick-up until further notice. 

Stevenson-Mathews said that he’s heard from residents that they understand and support the changes. “Residents, when they understand the need, they don’t mind making the sacrifices,” he said. “From my perspective, that’s what Glen Cove does best.”