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Sewanhaka Regents, A.P. rates increase


Mastery rates on the state Regents exams have increased in the Sewanhaka Central High School District since the 2017 – 18 school year, and more students are taking Advanced Placement exams, Brian Messinger, the district’s coordinator of student achievement, announced at a board meeting on Sept. 24.

“There’s a lot more to be proud of,” Messinger said, “and congratulations and thanks to the students, parents, teachers and administrators who are all part of this success.”

The results show that Elmont Memorial High School saw a 14 percent increase in passing rates for the Algebra I and Geometry exams, and a 21 percent increase in on the Chemistry test. The passing rates on the Algebra II and Global History tests, however, declined last year.

The high school also administered 60 more Advanced Placement exams than the year prior, with 57 percent of students passing.

Carey, meanwhile, saw an 8 percent increase in passing on the Geometry Regents, as well as a 14 percent increase in mastery on the Algebra II Regents and a 13 percent increase in mastery on the English Language Arts exam. The high school’s passing rates on the science exams, however, decreased since the previous year, with only 67 percent of students passing the physics test, compared to 82 percent in the 2017 – 18 school year.

Carey also administered 55 more Advanced Placement exams, with 57 percent receiving a passing grade.

Finally, at Sewanhaka, 18 percent more students received a passing grade on the ELA Regents, 7 percent more passed the Algebra I test and 8 percent more passed the Algebra II test. The high school also saw a decline in passing rates for the Chemistry and Physics exams.

In response, Messinger said it is difficult to attribute the successes and failures to any one cause, and noted that there are “certainly also areas for us to look at and focus on as we work to always improve these scores.”