Yonkers man arrested for trying to scam elderly Franklin Square man


A Yonkers man was recently arrested for trying to scam an elderly Franklin Square man.

According to Nassau County police, Hanlet Cabrera, 41, of Yonkers, allegedly called an 87-year-old male victim in Franklin Square on Nov. 15, claiming to be the victim’s grandson, who needed $5,000 for bail. Cabrera then allegedly said the man would be contacted by his attorney, who called a short time later, and told the victim to put $5,000 cash in an envelope in his mailbox to be picked up by a bail bondsman the next day. The victim then became suspicious, and stuffed the envelope with paper rather than the money, and placed it in his mailbox. 

When the so-called bail bondsman arrived the next day, the victim saw the suspect and his license plate number. He then contacted 911, and a subsequent investigation led to the arrest of Cabrera on Feb. 6. 

He is charged with third-degree attempted grand larceny, and was scheduled to be arraigned at the First District Court in Hempstead on Feb. 7.