KeepFit soars to new heights at Halfway Down


KeepFit by Keisha, the brainchild of fitness enthusiast Keisha Sanders, recently hosted an invigorating rooftop boxing class atop the renowned Halfway Down establishment. The event garnered enthusiastic participants, embracing individuals of all ages and fitness levels. As Sanders emphasized, inclusivity was at the core of this unique fitness initiative.

Martha Malave, a member of the class, played a pivotal role in organizing this distinctive event, capitalizing on her affiliation with Halfway Down to secure the rooftop venue. The change in setting from the usual boxing gym did not deter attendees, as the focus remained on body movement, punching techniques, and delivering a comprehensive full-body workout.

Sanders, the driving force behind KeepFit by Keisha, expressed her excitement about the event.

“I’m just super excited that I had this opportunity,” Sanders said. “I’m excited that I’m able to open the doors to all people and any fitness level, any age, and we all just get to come together and have a fun time.”

The rooftop boxing class proved to be a resounding success, leaving participants highly satisfied with their experience. Malave, a staunch advocate of the program, shared her personal journey and the positive impact it had on her life.

“I’m obsessed with the class,” Malave exclaimed. “First of all, It’s amazing and it’s a hardcore workout. We had a lot of fun with it. Within three months, I dropped 13 pounds. And everybody noticed the difference. I mean, I’ve tried every kind of class, Zumba, pilates, and all that stuff did not do an impact like this boxing class. It’s amazing.”

For those interested in joining the KeepFit by Keisha program, detailed information can be found on their website at