Freeport marches for love, hope and peace


Under the radiant sun and a gentle breeze, a diverse group consisting of Freeport Public Schools Board of Education members, administrators, teachers, students, staff, community members, and elected officials or their representatives gathered at the Freeport High School athletic field. They united to convey a powerful message of love, hope, and peace during the 14th annual Freeport Cares Peace March, held on May 6.

Setting a tone for the event, the Freeport High School student-led jazz band, A Pinch of Brass, delivered uplifting and energetic musical performances. Leading the ceremony, Freeport High School senior Breanna Bras captivated the audience with her beautiful rendition of the national anthem.

Kishore Kuncham, the Superintendent of Schools, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, emphasizing the shared commitment to creating a more peaceful world and community. He highlighted the significance of inner peace and its profound impact on the external world. Kuncham also encouraged everyone to recognize the potential for positive change in every step, word, and action taken in the pursuit of peace.

“Today we are celebrating our shared commitment to building a more peaceful world and community, and today, as we step for peace, I am, and I know you are filled with hope and inspiration,” Kuncham said. “Today is a reminder to recommit ourselves and that inner peace is most important because inner peace leads to outer peace in the entire world. Remember that every step we take, every word we speak and every action we take in the name of peace has the potential to change lives and transform our world and our community.”

The students from Columbus Avenue School presented a special performance, singing “Spread a Little Sunshine” and utilizing American Sign Language to ensure inclusivity in spreading the message of peace. The Districtwide Peace Chorus of Freeport Public Schools further inspired the audience with their rendition of the song “Music Can Change the World.”

Maria Jordan-Awalom, President of the Board of Education, warmly greeted the community members, expressing her joy in seeing the diverse groups present. She highlighted the importance of cultivating a calm and peaceful mindset, emphasizing its direct impact on how individuals lead their lives.

“I am so happy to see so many different community groups and community members here today,” Jordan-Awalom said. “The peace march is a good time for us to remember that being calm and peaceful directly impacts how we live our lives.”

Before embarking on the march through the streets of Freeport, participants united in a heartwarming display of solidarity, forming a human peace sign. Clad in yellow, they embarked on their peaceful journey, spreading their message of peace along the sidewalks of Freeport.

The annual Freeport Cares Peace March is a collaborative effort between the school district and the community, symbolizing their shared commitment to fostering unity both locally and globally.