Inside Freeport’s second Pride on Mile


Freeport’s second annual Pride On The Mile event took place this past Saturday, June 15th, at the Nautical Mile in Freeport, New York. The festivities kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at noon, attended by several prominent figures.

Notable attendees included Freeport’s Mayor Robert T. Kennedy, President of the Freeport Chamber of Commerce Kenrick Dookram, Nassau County Legislator Debra Mulé, cofounder of Pride On The Mile Joseph Anthony Smith, and cofounder and owner of Sparkle On Stage Cultural Arts Center Robyn Workman. Each expressed their enthusiasm for the event and the diverse community it represents.

Mayor Kennedy remarked, “The weather’s holding up for everybody. It is probably the most diverse community in New York State. We’re looking forward to everybody coming down to the mile and having a great day.”

Dookram echoed the mayor’s sentiments, stating, “I agree pretty much with everything the mayor said. We are a diverse community, and diversity makes everyone stronger by bringing everything together.”

Mulé, a resident of Freeport and an integral part of the event’s planning, shared, “I’m not only a Nassau County legislator but I’m also a resident of Freeport. I’ve been part of the planning of this, so I’m very pleased to see it come to fruition. I think it’s so important that we celebrate our differences, and through celebrating our differences, we learn about our commonalities.”

The event’s cofounders also shared their excitement. Mr. Smith said, “My hope is that everyone has a fun, inclusive, and affirming day at all of our events.”

Workman added, “I just hope that everybody has an awesome time. It’s a beautiful day here in Freeport on the Nautical Mile, and we just hope that everybody comes and enjoys all the events we’ve put together.”

Legislator Seth Koslow was also present at the event.

Numerous businesses participated in Pride On The Mile, providing Freeport residents and visitors a delightful day on the Nautical Mile.

The event drew many Freeport residents and visitors from nearby towns.

Seven-year-old Mairead Yu from Plainview excitedly shared, “I’m so excited…and I want to get my face painted” when asked about the Pride On The Mile events.

Returning Drag Queen Bella Noche, who starred in Drag Story Hour, expressed her excitement, saying, “I am so excited for Pride On The Mile. I’ve been performing in Freeport for years, especially here at Sparkle On Stage, and it’s so awesome to see so many people come together and have their own pride here right on the Nautical Mile.”

The day’s events included the Pride Carnival, Pride Concerts, Pride Crawl, Pride boat rides offered by Freeport Water Taxi, and the Pride Market, where vendors sold their products from noon to 6 p.m. The grand finale, the Pride Dragaret at Sparkle On Stage, took place from 8 to 10 p.m.