Red Devils triumph at Homecoming 2023


The field of Freeport High School was alive with an undeniable sense of school spirit during the much-anticipated Homecoming 2023.

This vibrant event brought together an array of enthusiastic participants, including Superintendent of Schools Kishore Kuncham, and Board of Education President Maria Jordan-Awalom. Joining them were board of education trustees, esteemed administrators, dedicated alumni, community political representatives, students, staff, and their proud families.

The day began with an electrifying atmosphere, with excitement in the air even before the game kicked off. Numerous booths offered a variety of refreshments and spirited merchandise for sale. Adding to the spectacle, the Freeport High School marching band led a spirited parade along the high school track just prior to the commencement of the game.

The stands were bursting at the seams as the Red Devils took the field to a deafening chorus of cheers from their devoted families and supporters. The passion for the Red Devils was palpable, uniting both onlookers in the stands and the athletes on the field.

The halftime intermission brought a flurry of student festivities, a perennial highlight of the event. Spectators were treated to captivating performances by the cheerleaders, marching band, color guard, and a dynamic dance group.

From the very beginning of the game, it was clear that the Red Devils were determined to secure a victory. The varsity football team delivered an action-packed game, living up to the fervor of their dedicated fan base. As the clock wound down, Homecoming 2023 culminated with a resounding victory for the Red Devils, outscoring the Baldwin Bruins with a final score of 33-8.

This year’s Homecoming left a mark on the Freeport community, fostering lasting memories and a heightened sense of school spirit and community pride.