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Still screaming for ice cream, a 35 year tradition


The Freeport Memorial Library joined the national ice cream party on July 9 and 10 for two back-to-back days described as “Sundae Funday” for children entering pre-kindergarten to fifth grade in September. The library’s Youth Services department rolled out a full buffet of sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cherries, gummy bears and of course vanilla ice cream. Attendee Ava Oliphant piled on the gummy bears onto her bowl, but Jereline Arevalo, preferred to squeezed chocolate syrup on top of her bowl of vanilla ice cream and cherries.

National Ice Cream Month started in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan designated July as the official month for the desert with the third day Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. According to National Today, though the Reagan singed the bill specifically for that year, the tradition carried on and scooped into its 35th year.