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The winter ultimate Superfight battle


They debated. And debated — but ultimately there could only be one champion during the inaugural Superfight tournament at the Freeport Memorial Library on Jan. 7 at the Freeport Memorial Library.

Superfight is a card game of arguments over superhero characters armed with funny, powerful and outrageous super powers. Six Freeport tweens and teens played back to back games vying for the chance to win first place.

According to 17-year-old Tobias Hall, he learned about the game through friends. Tobias said he was thrilled when he found out the library had purchased the deck of cards. He was eager to play against his buddies at the library. “This is great,” Hall said. “I’m so glad that people like the game that I like too.”

“This was so competitive,” Korey Hillocks, 13, an eight grader from JD Dodd Middle School.

Derek West, 13, said playing in the tournament was his first time playing the game. All six boys agreed they liked Superfight better than Pokemon, another popular card game.

After a number of rounds and comical, yet ridiculous debates on who would win a fight — Wolverine versus Deadpool or a fire breathing smoke monster versus a wizard— sixth grader from Caroline G. Atkinson Intermediate School, Jacob Dominquez, 11 faced off seventh grader from J.W. Dodd Middle school, Kayshaw Row, 13.

The two fiercely debated as they pitted their characters against each other, while the other players enjoyed cheese pizza and soda. By the end of the debate, the group decided that Jacob was a stronger character and winning the tournament. Jacob was also the second youngest player participating in the tournament.

“I’m looking forward to the next time we do this,” FML librarian Jason Velarde said. Accoding to Velarde, the library plans to host a second tournament in the spring and offer more game time to lead up to the toureys.

After the tourney, the teens rallied in the Trax Room, the library’s youth room and held rematches for fun.