Tiny athletes jog for global Day of Running


The youngest students of Freeport Public Schools laced up their sneakers and excitedly headed outside to celebrate Global Running Day at Columbus Avenue Early Childhood Learning Center on June 3.

Throughout the day, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes took turns running laps on the track within their designated time slots. Teachers tracked the number of laps by marking a popsicle stick for each completed lap.

At the end of the day, these popsicle sticks were collected to create a Global Running Day display in the school’s main hallway.

“Global Running Day is a long-anticipated event for our students,” said Principal Dr. Alma Rocha.

“It is so important for children to move their bodies and be active. We love seeing the students enjoying themselves and reaping the benefits of running.”

Global Running Day is celebrated yearly to inspire individuals of all ages and abilities to stay active and enjoy the benefits – both physical and mental – of running.