BREAKING NEWS: Glen Cove City School District budget passes

Teen Court program more popular than ever

Since its inception in 2002, Glen Cove’s Teen Court program has gained statewide attention for its unique and hands-on approach to educating high school students about the judicial system. This …

Bethpage Air Show flies back into the Jones Beach skies

Alexa Wahl was just 7 when her family began attending the Bethpage Air Show. Standing on Jones Beach and staring at the sky, she would watch the planes gracefully soar past. It was then that Wahl …

Seniors take several steps toward healthy living

Advanced age didn’t stop two friends from enjoying exercise and receiving free one-on-one medical tips from a doctor in Glen Cove. Sally Dimiceoi, 79, of Glen Head, pushed her longtime friend …

Glen Cove City School District budget passes

The votes are in and Glen Cove City School District’s $102 million budget passed with 751 votes in favor and 449 votes against on Tuesday. “Its an amazing and wonderful feeling,” …

Downtown Sounds to celebrate 25th anniversary

Downtown Sounds has brought music, laughter, and family fun to Glen Cove for the past 25-years.  As part of the Glen Cove Business Improvement District’s plan to revitalize the …

Feisty Yolanda Ruthkowski dies at 96

ve, was a feisty woman who left an imprint on everyone she met. Known as the ‘salad queen’ of St. Rocco’s Feast, she devoted her life to her Catholic faith and …

Task force to explore antisemitism surge

Nassau County officials have created a special legislative task force to combat antisemitism and, immediately after being sworn in, went right to work. Made up of eight legislators …


Your voice is more important now than ever

It’s likely the eve of the destruction of Roe v. Wade — an act likely to be met with cheers or outrage, depending on which side of the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court abortion case people land on. And what comes next could very well be up to your state legislator.


A leaking Supreme Court puts us at risk

Let’s be clear. The calculated illegal leak of a draft decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is akin to leaking the launch codes for America’s nuclear arsenal.


My friend Mike, and his new interest in guns

My friend Mike is a gentle soul with a quick sense of humor. We met when we studied journalism at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Center and worked endlessly on the school newspaper, Seawanhaka.

Randi Kreiss

When the pandemic hits home

Two Sundays ago my husband tested positive for Covid-19. He was at home on the East Coast and I was visiting grandkids on the West Coast. It was the very last night of my trip; he called to say he had a cold . . .