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About the East Island Bridge Tidal Gates project


•Tidal gates: There are three sets of coverts with multiple tidal gates within each of them, making roughly 12 tidal gates. The tidal gates, which control the inflow and outflow of water between the Long Island Sound and Dosoris Pond, have been inactive for over a decade. Without being able to control the flow of water, the city is not able to control the consistency of water levels overtime and a storm event could cause a surge of water that floods the area. Dosoris Pond is a manmade pond and the tidal gates are a component of this pond.

•Bridge: A number of restorations have to be made on the East Island bridge, including the removal of stones on the very bottom of the bridge.

•Water quality and green infrastructure: In order to get funding for this project from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the city had to put in place components of the project that would improve water quality and put in place green infrastructure. As part of this project, Dosoris Pond water will be cleaned up and nitrogen, phosphorus and other pollutants will be removed. About one acre of green infrastructure improvements will be put in place. Three rain gardens, which is a garden of native shrubs, perennials and flowers planted in a small depression in order to hold and soak in rainwater runoff that flows from roods, driveways, patios and lawns, will be installed. One will be designated for Pryibil Beach. Shoreline restoration and plug plants are also designated for Pryibil Beach.