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Supporting Glen Cove’s Black business owners and leaders


This is the second part of a series.

According to www.BlackownedLongIsland.com, many Long Islanders want to support Black-owned businesses and brands but are finding it difficult to locate them across the island.

After a group of Long Island’s business leaders, consumers and influencers met to discuss challenges facing Long Island’s black community and black business community, an advisory committee constructed goals and plans for what was to become Black Owned Long Island. This idea, according to the website, is not biased against other businesses on Long Island. Rather, it is a way for Black-owned businesses to connect with consumers interested in supporting Black entrepreneurs, influencers, artists and professionals.

And in Glen Cove, organizations, business pages and residents have taken to social media to inquire about local Black-owned businesses.

 David Thompson, Extraordinary Auto Detailing

 David Thompson, the founder and CEO of Extraordinary Auto Detailing in Glen Cove, migrated from Guyana to America living in Glen Cove for a least 20 years.

“Black people don’t really have many businesses,” he said. “There are just a few in Glen Cove.”

 Thompson founded Extraordinary Auto Detailing five years ago. “We gave it the name Extraordinary Auto because we give the extra,” Thompson said. “Prices are great and the work is very professional.”

Over the years business has picked up, he said, and even with a pandemic directly impacting local businesses his business should continue to thrive. “I got to do my part to make sure my business is successful,” he added.

 Sonya Lowe, an affiliate of Netcinity 

“NETcinity encourages neighbors to shop local and to buy from the local people,” said Sonya Lowe, an affiliate of NETcinity and a board director of the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce. 

NETcinity, an app that provides consumers with information on their local businesses, also allows people to see what local businesses are in town as they travel. “Shop local, keep the business local,” Lowe said. “That’s basically what it is.” 

Lowe has lived in Glen Cove for over a decade, with a constant mission to encourage residents to support the local businesses in the city. The app, she said, allows for local businesses to reach customers from up to five miles from their location. 

 Deidre Brown-Aguilar, The Kiddy Cove 

“I’m bringing child care to the community and I’m trying to help the family when they need it the most, during working hours,” said Deidre Brown-Aguilar, the owner of a Glen Cove child care center, The Kiddy Cove. 

The Kiddy Cove, which has continued to be a place for children to go throughout the pandemic, has had measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. “We check temperatures everyday,” Brown-Aguilar said. “We wash our hands throughout the day. Toys are cleaned everyday.” 

Brown-Aguilar said that the day care has been helpful for essential workers, health care workers and first responders during the days of the pandemic. To go even further, she has even offered unconventional hours to assist essential workers. 

“I think all businesses are important but it’s especially important to support minority-owned businesses because we have a great presence here, but not in terms of owning a business,” Brown-Aguilar said.