Wheeler: N.C. Player of the Year for Boys Soccer


Londell Wheeler, a 17-year-old Glen Cove City High School student was recently recognized as an All-American and Nassau County Player of the Year for Boys Soccer. This three-time all-county, state and region recipient plays as a central attacking midfielder and striker. 

During gameplay he's responsible for creating goal-scoring opportunities, and he's also responsible for capitalizing and scoring important goals. As a midfielder though, he still must come back and play defense, which his coach said he’s adept at, being a dynamic offensive player and a shutdown defensive player in the same game. This multi-sport athlete has also caught the eyes of sports enthusiasts on the basketball court. Wheeler scored in double figures in every game last season, averaging 17.7 points along with six assists. 

Wheeler’s parents were multi-sport athletes as well. His father played football and baseball and his mother, volleyball and basketball while attending school. Their combined love of sports planted the seeds for their son’s success when he was 4 when they signed him up to play in the city’s junior soccer league. 

As Wheeler’s talent, drive and focus grew over the years, the district took notice. In the eighth grade, Wheeler was selected to play in the high school’s junior varsity program by his middle school coaches. 

When the sports world took a collective time-out during Wheeler’s Sophomore year, he didn’t let the stress of the pandemic throw him off his game. 

“He's an incredible leader,” said Brian Smith, the district’s varsity soccer coach and science teacher. “In addition to him being talented as an athlete, a soccer player, he's got all the intangible qualities that you need in a leader to have a successful team.”

Kimberly Riso, director of athletics, health, and physical education said that Wheeler plays with the utmost class. She noted that although he received many honorable awards, Wheeler’s reaction is not typical.  

“It's really remarkable how somebody so young could and should be boasting, and he’s just, very gracious and modest,” she said.

When he’s not on the soccer field, basketball court or classroom, Wheeler volunteers at his uncle’s non-profit, Community Strong 516, in Glen Cove. The organization oversees fundraisers and toy drives throughout Glen Cove to help children of low-income families. 

When asked about his plans after high school, Wheeler said he initially wanted to play in Europe, but had a change of heart. Now, Wheeler wants to study accounting while he attends colleges like Stonybrook or Long Island University.