At North Shore Middle School, smells like team spirit


Before winter break Principal Rob Dennis kicked off the annual North Shore Middle School Team Challenge to a gymnasium filled with enthusiastic students, faculty and staff. The annual Team Challenge consists of a wide variety of fun-filled events combining academic, athletic and artistic skills.

The 2019 teams included Orange Crush, and Yellow Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies and Purple Sweet Beats from the sixth-grade class; Team Avalanche, the Black Mambas and the Champions from the seventh-grade class; and First Class, Double Venom and Wakandans from the eighth-grade class.

The Team Challenge is a favorite event at the middle school, and enables students to demonstrate their creative, social and athletic abilities learned during the first half of the school year. It builds on their already strong teamwork skills and eases the tension that often goes along with an extremely rigorous middle school academic program.

During the two-day event students participated in some of the best cheers, songs, and lip-syncing routines. Everyone practiced sportsmanship, collaboration, and teamwork while engaging in a variety of fun events and activities. The three teams that reigned supreme were Purple Sweet Beats, Team Avalanche and First Class.

-- Alyssa Seidman