Town of Hempstead Night with the Long Island Rough Riders


Soccer excitement is rising on Long Island in preparation for the World Cup at MetLife Stadium in 2026. But Uniondale soccer fans can enjoy professional games in their own backyard.

The Town of Hempstead and Long Island’s Rough Riders are hosting “Town of Hempstead Night” on Sunday, June 30 at 6 p.m. Town residents will receive 50 percent off admission prices, with kids’ tickets at $5 and adult tickets at $7.50.

“Our whole goal is to bring a level of professional soccer to Long Island,” Tanner Sands, the general manager for the Long Island Rough Riders, said. “We want to give every kid the opportunity to see players playing at the highest level and hopefully dream big.”

The soccer event will be at the Mitchel Athletic Complex, where the Rough Riders will be playing the Cedar Stars Academy. Guests can expect a meet-and-greet with the Rough Riders after the game where they can ask questions, take photos, and get autographs from the players.

“It’s going to be a great event, Town Supervisor Don Clavin said. “Save a little money, watch a great soccer game, and then get the opportunity to have the kids really mingle with these players. It’s a great opportunity to inspire these kids to look at the next level, whether it be collegiate or the dream of playing professional.”

The first Town of Hempstead Night was held last year and drew roughly 150 excited kids that met and supported the local soccer team, according to Sands. The town and the team are hoping for the same turnout this year.

“I was once in the shoes of these little kids that are coming to the game,” Pierce Infuso, a Rough Riders player, said. “I’m super excited for them to come out and cheer us on and to get that support from the community.”

Players are looking forward to the event and are hoping to set a good example for the kids, according to Eoin Farrell, Rough Riders team captain.

“I hope we can win the game and put on a good show for them,” Farrell said. “Hopefully one day they can be in the same shoes as us.”

Throughout the summer, the town and the team hold weeklong soccer clinics for kids ages 6 to14. Licensed coaching staff and players from both the Rough Riders men’s and women’s teams are part of the clinics.

“The ability of the Rough Riders to have clinics has been very meaningful on both ends,” Clavin said. “It means a lot to these kids to actually learn these skills from professionals, and it also has professionals really connecting with the community and giving back.”

Kids have the chance to learn best practices from coaches and hear about professional soccer experiences from players themselves.

These soccer clinics have become so popular that there’s often a waitlist for them; there are even talks for indoor clinics during the team’s offseason due to the high demand, according to Clavin.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for us to use the resources we have to be a part of the community,” Sands said.

The Long Island Rough Riders are a professional soccer team in the United Soccer League 2. They’ve been playing since 1993, making this year their 31st anniversary. The men’s team currently ranks second in the Metropolitan Division, with 5 out of 6 wins.

The women’s team plays in the United Soccer League Women’s League and is also currently ranked number two in their Metropolitan Division.

To learn more about the Rough Riders schedule or sign up for their soccer clinics, please visit