Hewlett Happenings

Homecoming spirit filled the air


Chatter filled the air as students traveled throughout Hewlett High School, gaining a sense of normalcy with the start of the new school year. They are ready to dive right in, and preparing for Homecoming helped.

Filled with energy and excitement, Homecoming is an event that many students look forward to. It is one of the first home games played by Hewlett’s football team, with the addition of other traditions, including the community parade and performances.

People from various organizations and clubs around the community, including the Community Garden and Color Guard, contribute to the festivities of Homecoming.

One of the most significant events associated with Hewlett-Woodmere’s Homecoming is the Homecoming Parade. Community members marched together with banners representing the high school’s clubs and community organizations. The Homecoming Parade brings attention to the vast array of initiatives present in Hewlett-Woodmere.

Hewlett High’s Student Council worked hard preparing for Homecoming. During the week leading up to Homecoming, they organized a Spirit Week with varying theme days. From pajama day to blackout-neon day, students came in with outfits relating to the Spirit Week theme, building up to the excitement for Homecoming.

Students in each grade also painted banners they showed off during the Homecoming Parade. Decorations plastered in the hallway of the high school by the Student Council bought further energy into the environment.

Student groups performed during the Homecoming game. Marching band and Color Guard rehearsed hard for the halftime show, along with the cheerleading team who prepared for their routines diligently.

Hewlett’s football team played Valley Stream North and are training for the big day as well. The Homecoming game is always a popular spectacle, and the stands were full last Saturday.

The day before Homecoming, school spirit was reinvigorated at the Pep Rally. Students from all four grades gathered to cheer on Hewlett High School’s sports teams. Cheers of support were especially strong for the football team as the students wished them luck for the upcoming game.

This year’s Homecoming was an event that students and the community enjoyed immensely.