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Oceanside quilters keep people warm around the globe


The Oceanside Lutheran Church hosts a weekly charity quilting circle on Monday mornings at 9:30 a.m., during which quilts are made to eventually be distributed throughout the world.

On May 5, the church hosed a blessing of the quilts event before sending the items to those in need.

“This year, we made 99 quilts over the course of the year,” Pastor Alex Raabe said. “They will help keep people warm around the world.”

Each Monday morning, the quilters at the parish work together to make quilts to distribute through Lutheran World Relief, an agency committed to improving the lives of people in every country.

In addition to quilts, OLC quilters also crafted 20 personal care kits, 25 layettes for newborns and 50 school kits that will also be distributed. Across the United States, 573,000 quilts were made from Lutheran congregations and sent out to 42 countries over the past year.

After the blessing, the quilters were praised for their hard work, and each of their creations was placed into a box to be delivered to a parish in Westchester County, which will help distribute them to Lutheran World Relief. Since 1972, quilters have made 3,303 quilts for the church out of donated fabric.