After just a year, Karen McInnis steps down as council president

In an unexpected move at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, council President Karen McInnis announced that she was stepping down, and would be replaced by council member John Bendo. McInnis, …

Laurel Cleaners celebrates 60 years in Long Beach

After growing up in Long Beach and graduating from high school in 1976, Allen Schwartz attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, majoring in hotel management. Upon graduating, he actually did …

Latino group asks for Spanish in city documents

The president of the Long Beach Latino Civic Association appealed to the City Council Tuesday night to expand its outreach to Hispanic residents by placing more city documents into Spanish and other …

Schumer promises strong push for tech, the environment

Chuck Schumer has three goals for the new year: improve mass transit, ensure water and air quality are safe, and promote high technology on Long Island. The New York Democrat who maintained his …

Grandmother leads charge in N. Park barricade battle

The seven-year-old effort to persuade the powerful Metropolitan Transportation Authority to agree to the construction in Long Beach of barriers near LIRR tracks to help prevent serious flooding was …


The 2024 election: 1912 all over again?

'Is there anyone on stage — and can I see hands? — who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party . . .'

Randi Kreiss

A.I. is sucking the life out of us

Who am I? Ask Siri. I don’t know where she ends and I begin.


Donating blood benefits others — and you

January is National Blood Donor Month, first established a half-century ago. And it’s a good thing that declaration stuck, because blood is often in short supply, as it is today . . .

Peter King

Pence can persuade America he’s the president it needs

One thing I should have learned from my 28 years in Congress and the 15 years before that in the maelstrom of New York politics and government is that political life is all-consuming — especially at the national level.