Fire Chief Kemins honored by Mount Sinai

Scott Kemins grew up in Long Beach “as a nice Jewish boy” whose mom wanted him to become a lawyer or a doctor. She did not conceive of him becoming a firefighter or a police …

Students are busy in the arts and sciences

Long Beach students have been busy over the past month putting on shows, winning awards, and completing athletic achievements in elementary, middle and high schools. The Long Beach High School …

Joyce Coletti is the Long Beach real estate

Joyce Coletti has been a real estate staple since 1999. Since then, her name has been at the forefront of not only houses, apartments and condos, but Long Beach as well. Coletti grew up in the …

Crowd wishes a 106-year-old a happy birthday

If Betty Belsito is not the oldest resident on the barrier island, we don‘t know who is. Belsito, of East Atlantic Beach, turned 106 on Feb. 24. About 50 well-wishers gathered outside her …


Purim’s meaning still echoes today

Purim is celebrated this year starting at sundown on Monday, March 6. This holiday commemorates the survival of the Jews who were marked for genocide by their Persian rulers in the 5th century …

Jerry Kremer

It’s time to give Joe Biden a break

Since taking office, President Biden has been the subject of all manner of criticism. Most of it focuses on his age. He is described as weak, bumbling, demented and a host of other unkind adjectives. But somehow . . .

Randi Kreiss

Open to learning new stuff? Jump on my list.

Born with the teaching gene and not likely to recover any time soon: That is my self-diagnosis.


A year later, still defending freedom, democracy

The moment Russian President Vladimir Putin marched his forces across the border into neighboring Ukraine, the world was shocked.

Peter King

At the Capitol, it was almost as if I’d never left

Last month I made my first visit to Capitol Hill since Dec. 28, 2020, the day I had cast my final vote on the floor of Congress before my retirement from the House of Representatives.