Cops investigate fight that left a senior citizen injured


A man was punched and kicked by a group of teenagers in Long Beach Sunday night after he confronted them about excessive noise, said police.

Police are investigating who instigated the situation, the youths or the man.

The group of teens, believed to be between 15 and 18, were gathered near the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Shore Road, in the East End. At around 11 pm, a resident in the area, whose name was withheld, confronted the teens about being too loud and disruptive.

“A neighbor in that area of town confronted the group for being noisy,” Police Commissioner Ron Walsh said. “The kids then struck the man, punching and kicking him.” At a City Council meeting Tuesday night, Walsh warned people not to draw early conclusions about the matter.

The youths are believed to be Long Beach residents because they were all traveling either by bicycle or on foot.

The man, who is in his mid-60s, received medical attention from EMTs at the scene of the incident but refused any additional attention, city spokesman John McNally said. He said the altercation lasted just under 10 minutes.

“We want parents to get more involved,” Walsh said. “Maybe try to have your kids home by 11 pm or get them home earlier.”

Police are actively looking to identify the teens involved in the attack.