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Kevin Bacon filming in Long Beach


Film crews set up shop in the Canals last week to shoot a new Showtime series starring Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge.

Long Beach police blocked off Doyle Street on Friday as crews filmed a scene from the show “City on a Hill.” The series was produced by Ben Affleck and Chuck MacLean, and is scheduled to air in the summer.

Set in Boston in the early ’90s amidst racial and economic tensions, the show follows an unlikely alliance between a district attorney, played by Aldis Hodge, and a corrupt FBI agent, played by Kevin Bacon.

Crew members arrived at around 1:30 a.m. Friday morning, said James Moore, a location assistant and Long Beach native, to set up props for the shoot. Palm trees were planted and vintage cars and a jet ski were parked on the street to replicate Miami in the ’90s.

Friday morning’s snow left white blankets on the ground, which crewmembers removed with a leaf blower, Moore said. The interior of the house was completely redone as well, Moore said.

“To make it look like Miami, we were blowing snow off the plants with leaf blowers and beaming lights down on the plants out front hoping that the snow would go away, and it did, so things are going okay,” Moore said on Friday.

While Kevin Bacon did not act in the scene, Moore said he would shoot a scene on the Meadowbrook Parkway later that day. Other locations included Park Avenue and the Sands in Lido Beach.

Most of the shoot took place in the house, at 18 Doyle St., and the backyard. Joyce Coletti, a real estate broker at Douglas Elliman in Long Beach, who helped secure the location for the set, said the house is on the market for $689,000.

“[The crew] reached out to me — they scouted the neighborhood and they found this to be the most perfect home for this specific T.V. show,” Coletti said on Friday.

She said it took a little bit of persuading the homeowners — Steven and Carol Rothman — because they did not want to inconvenience their neighbors.

Moore said the crews were only shooting in Long Beach that day, but did not rule out Long Beach as a location option for future episode shoots.

“I think the show is going to be really good,” Moore said. “I actually think it will get great reviews. There’s a lot of great people working on this.”

Moore said that shooting in Long Beach, where he has lived for about five years, was “the coolest thing.”

“It’s just cool to finally get the best of both of my New York worlds together,” he said.