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Long Beach stylist holds annual fashion show


“My overall feeling on the show is pure joy,” said Long Beach resident Chris Banks, a fashion stylist and organizer of the show. “My goal was for women to feel inspired, empowered and confident. I believe everyone who attended left feeling exactly like that.”

Banks held his fourth annual fashion show on Aug. 10 at the Roosevelt Public Library with live performances and guest speakers honoring women’s empowerment. More than 50 people came out to support the local artist. Banks said he wanted the event to show his appreciation for women.

“Just watching my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunts and sisters fight and work hard everyday, despite their struggles, gives me hope,” Banks said. “As a creative individual, I want to challenge myself with anything I do.”

The event featured six female guest speakers who spoke about their journeys and touched upon the night’s theme. The event also included a performance by Brooklyn native Jay Morris and music by DJ Armani Morton.

The fashion show featured three models who illustrated their personal stories through dance and music, while also displaying colorful clothing.

“I love creating and inspiring others through my gift — it’s my duty,” Banks said.