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Long Beach schools close on first day because of flooding


Street flooding forced the Long Beach School District close on Thursday, as flooding rains drenched much of the South Shore early in the morning. 

Here's what the district posted on its Facebook page:

"Unfortunately, roads are still quite flooded," Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher said. "Many staff members have been unable to get to our buildings, and we still cannot get our buses through. As difficult as this is on this first day of school, we cannot open our buildings today."

Schools will be open tomorrow, but with a slight change in schedule. K-2 will attend for their half-day tomorrow, along with the GREEN group at the secondary level. The BLUE group will have a virtual orientation tomorrow with their teachers, so BLUE students should sign in to Google classroom and follow the shortened bell schedule that the MS and HS will send later today. BOTH AM and PM Pre-K sessions will attend their first day tomorrow.

Grades 3-5 won’t attend until Monday, but the teachers will conduct all of the orientation activities we had planned for them on Monday.

All students will have a full day on Monday.