Long Beach scouts take on Delaware River


Scouts in Long Beach’s Troop 215 completed a day-long, 21-mile canoe trek down a portion of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania on Sunday, Aug. 21. The scouts were fitted with canoes, paddles and life jackets, then took on “Will and Patrick’s Great Adventure.”

Before departing that morning, the scouts loaded their canoes with tents, sleeping gear, clothes and cooking gear, including stoves and enough food so all 12 explorers could have four meals.

Some troop leaders accompanied the scouts, but the troop’s scoutmaster, Patrick Maguire, said they wanted the “scouts to take ownership for the trip, and they were just there to monitor.”

After a substantial amount of traveling, the scouts spotted a beach that afternoon and decided to take a break and do some other activities. They ate lunch, skipped stones, chased frogs and swam. Maguire said they also “saw more eagles than human beings.”

When the scouts were just eight miles from the ending point, a rainstorm hit. Thinking quickly, the scouts decided to lash their canoes together catamaran-style so there were four people paddling together instead of two sets of two. They were able to make better time as a result.

“We wanted to push the scouts to be self-sufficient,” Maguire said. “It was a scout-led trip.”

After completing their trek, the scouts recalled their favorite parts in the car ride home. They also shared their thoughts on their trip next month to the Adirondack Whitewaters.