Meet Long Beach’s school board candidates


Sam Pinto (incumbent)

Pinto is a lifelong resident and graduate of LBHS. He has 3 children in the district, 2 elementary and 1 rising into middle school. He is a passionate, civic-minded community advocate for many years in various team-oriented roles.

Pinto is a decorated public safety professional, currently a career fire lieutenant and paramedic, and is credentialed as a life safety educator and continuity practitioner. He holds two master’s degrees in public administration from Purdue with a focus on executive leadership and in emergency management from John Jay with on enterprise risk management and community risk reduction. He is well versed in policy as a labor leader who has attended Harvard Trade Union and Cornell Labor Relations programs.

He is proud to be a member of the armed forces as Commissioned Officer with the U.S. Coast Guard. He is a local civic leader passionate about protecting the environment, advocating against overdevelopment, and supporting preparing our youth for future success. His focus will be to continue to facilitate alternative pathways to graduation, social and emotional support services, career and trade readiness, delicious and nutritious food services and a focus on educating to the whole child rather than state mandated written exams.

Alexis Pace (incumbent)

Pace is a committed community leader, businesswoman, and school board member known for her passion for education and public service. She holds a master's degree in Special Education and has worked with the NYS Early Intervention Program, giving her invaluable expertise in the field. As a member of the Long Beach School Board, Pace has shown strong leadership through challenging times, especially in the aftermath of Covid and during fiscal uncertainty caused by delays in Albany's budget negotiations.

Pace's career is marked by numerous awards that underscore her commitment to excellence. As a businesswoman, she brings a wealth of experience and a results-oriented approach to the school board. She has been instrumental in expanding successful programs while keeping tax increases low.

She seeks re-election to continue her work in maintaining programs and is committed to keeping all schools open. Her steady leadership and deep commitment to the Long Beach community are essential and proven. She hopes to earn your support to keep the district moving forward.

Harold Webb (challenger)

Webb is dedicated to our community of Long Beach, and has been part of the community down here in Long Beach for over 35 years.  He loves Long Beach through and through.  Rebuilding from Sandy for our community is a major turning point in his life, as he met my wife and began a great new chapter in his life with his family.

As a son of a Lieutenant in the FDNY, his philosophy has been one of action.  Webb's diverse background has allowed for a broader perspective in life and leadership.  These lessons in life have been applied to his career.  Throughout his years spent as a teacher, dean, athletic coach, adjunct professor and school administrator, he has worked tirelessly for children. 

He is engaged in education of the 21st century, which means understanding academic and social-emotional needs of our children.  He wants to work for our future change. 

Kristin McChesney (challenger)

Over the past 18 years, McChesney has had the honor of educating others and leading impactful initiatives that span from elementary school to adult learning. Early in her career, she worked as a school counselor, special educator, and AVID teacher. These roles let her see the joys of education, as well as the challenges.

Guided by her values of integrity, servant leadership, and attentive listening, she's held executive roles in schools and businesses. In her work as the Director of Student Services, she managed a multi-million-dollar budget and oversaw various essential programs that supported the education of children experiencing homelessness or poverty. One notable accomplishment was transforming summer school into a vibrant, free enrichment camp that benefited thousands of children annually.

As a mother of 2 children, and wife of 15 years, her commitment extends beyond the role of trustee: it's a deeply personal investment in shaping a brighter future for both our students and our city. McChesney has a vision of necessary change that emphasizes sensible decisions, elevates partnership, and fosters trust with all members of our community. This means proactively engaging others, especially those with perspectives different than her own, demanding our voice is heard in Albany to ensure our schools remain appropriately funded, and focusing on delivering outcomes that matter most for our kids.