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Lynbrook Historial Odds and Ends: Streets of shells

Decades before Lynbrook’s dirt roads were paved with macadam and asphalt, they were covered with oyster shells.


Former Lynbrook resident Melanie R. Keveles dies

Melanie R. Keveles died on Nov. 25 in Duluth, Minn., and was laid to rest next to her parents, Abraham and Natalie Shenkman, on Long Island.

Atria Lynbrook resident turns 104

Echoes of people singing “Happy Birthday” could be heard from the Atria Lynbrook retirement living center on Dec. 23 at about 1:30 p.m., as family members sang to resident Signe Ralph in …

Nassau County resident drug death leads to four arrests in Woodmere

Nassau County detectives said that an investigation of a county resident’s death from a fatal overdose led to the arrest of four people in Woodmere on Dec. 29.

Lynbrook High School Key Club hosts successful blood drive

Now more than ever before, there is a chronic blood deficit between what is needed by hospitals and what is collected at blood donation centers. “We always received flyers saying that blood …

Randi Kreiss

2020: What did you do while you waited?

For me, the theme of 2020 has been waiting: learning to wait, summoning the B (balance), C (courage) and D (determination) that Type A’s struggle to find. If someone had told me in February . . .


Our promise to never forget means we must wear our masks

I want you to remember waking up on the morning of Sept. 12, 2001 — that is, if you had slept at all the night before. Recall how you felt about your country, your neighbors, and especially our lion-hearted first responders . . .

Scott Brinton

‘Long Way Up,’ a deeply satisfying travelogue

Landing in Bulgaria nearly 30 years ago, I felt as though I had stepped through a portal into another dimension. After a 24-hour trip, I at last arrived at Sofia International Airport . . .