Lynbrook proposes budget with a 3.35% tax increase. What does this mean for the 2023-24 year?

Taxes in the Village of Lynbrook are proposed to rise 3.35 percent after the mayor and board of trustees met on March 27 to review the proposed 2023-24 budget.

Competition? Not between these scholars.

Competition can bring out the best in people. Even a friendly rivalry can provide inspiration to achieve.

Lynbrook will be turning 'red' this week. Find out why.

The Lynbrook Fire Department will honor their fallen firefighters by lighting up the memorial on Sunrise Highway in red beginning April 30. Each year the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation …

Find out how the Lynbrook Fire Department is planning to honor its fallen firefighters

April 30th will mark the 60th anniversary of the tragic accident that claimed the lives of three volunteer firefighters and a crossing guard when two Lynbrook fire trucks collided while responding to …


Israel’s safety must be America’s priority

In many corners of the world today, instability and democratic backsliding reign supreme. We see this phenomenon playing out as Russia continues its malicious invasion of Ukraine . . .

Randi Kreiss

Dishing up an old-time menu for the holiday

The Memorial Day acai bowl just will not work. Neither do I want to see a tofu hot dog or an Impossible Burger vegging out at my table.

Peter King

Yes, we’re a nation of immigrants, but . . .

The ongoing influx of undocumented immigrants into New York City now threatens not just to overwhelm the city, but to spread into the suburbs . . .


The school board: Not always polite, but indispensable

So you’re looking for a way to give back to your community? Maybe burnish your resume for a future run for public office? Look no further than your local education board.